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The first time I saw someone use GPS it was a little handheld device the owner used as a guide to where the fish werebiting.  It was years before I saw a more practical version.  This time it was on the dashboard of my daughter’s car.  She punched the address to her house into this little walkie-talkie like thing and a funny sounding voice gave us turn by turn directions to her address.  It was really cool, until they moved into a new development.  The address had not been programmed into the software so when we put the address into the machine, it did not register.

Gps mapWe did get a kick out of hearing it say “recalculating, recalculating” whenever we made a wrong turn.  But it didn’t always give us enough time to change lanes or make a right turn.  A Garmin device was a rare and unusual thing in those days.  It was looked upon as a unique tool that few had access to.  But as time went on, they became commonplace in phones and standard in automobiles.  Now, the company has lines for all types of vehicles including planes, trucks, boats and cars.  They make up-to-date GPS systems, sonar modules and wearables for indoors and out.  If you really want to give your child a gift that stands out, their VIVOFIT activity tracker is the way to go.  And you can purchase goods from Garmin with a Groupon coupon code for select merchandise at great discounts.  If you sign up for email alerts, you’ll always know when the latest release of a new product happens.

gps travelNow, you can easily find your way around town.  It’s no longer novel to see find them attached to the dashboard.  Now, they are standard in smartphones and they are smarter than ever.  They give you plenty of time to change lanes, and a directional arrow to show you to the direction of your upcoming turn.  Garmin sells more than GPS technology.  Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, they have a product that’s right for you.  In addition, they have cameras that will capture the action from the dashboard, on a backup camera, or take a photo of 360 degrees around you.  Their wrist worn devices like activity trackers and smart watches are available and priced within reach.  You can use a Groupon to save money on the purchase of the device that will fit your needs with no recalculating needed at all.




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